When is a good deal really a good deal?

These days there are so many hotel deals advertised through various media outlets. But when is a good deal truly a good deal? Many online venues are concerned with the lowest price only. Let the buyer beware as many of these low priced deals offer strict cancellation fees and some are even nonrefundable once booked. I don’t know about you, but me and many of my clients have a tendency to change our travel plans.

As a member of a couple of consortium’s Direct Travel can offer our clients many extra perks at hundreds of participating hotels. Such as free high speed internet, a hot breakfast and a complimentary room upgrade if available.

I did a recent comparison on Trivago in New York City.  Trivago will list rates from Expedia, Orbitz, Hotels.com among other leading online booking engines.

They had a great nonrefundable rate at a 5 star hotel located adjacent to Central Park for $352 per night plus taxes.  My rate was $368 per night plus tax.  On the surface Trivago looks a lot better.  After further investigation that was not the case.

The following are advantages and added bonuses of booking this transaction through me.

  1. Internet
    My $368 rate included internet, Trivago did not. Hotel charges $18per day for internet.
  2. Breakfast for 2
    In New York City this probably has a value of $50-$60 per couple per day.
  3. Possible room upgrade if available
    This would probably be another value of $80-$120 per night.
  4. Cancel by 4pm with no fee
    Trivago rate was nonrefundable.
  5. Personalized service
    I am more than happy to contact the front desk and let them know a VIP or repeat guest will be arriving. Personalized service from an online booking engine is usually non existent.

We also have special access to discounted wholesale rates to many resorts and hotels worldwide.

Please keep me in mind and let me assist you for your next hotel booking.

I can be contacted at 781- 471- 2310 or gtalewsky@colpittswt.com