Traveling to a Third World Country

It is best to be prepared when traveling to a third world country. I always suggest to consult your physician or local travel clinic for up to date information regarding vaccinations and medications.

Keep in mind  medications, toiletry and personal items may not always be available. Packing practical clothing with deep pockets or hidden pockets are always a good idea. Keep your Jewelry and valuables at home. You do not want to stand out as a wealthy tourist in a third world country.

Here are some of the items I like to pack.  

  1.  Small flashlight with extra batteries – in case of power outage
  2.  Small first aid kit include stomach and diarrhea medications
  3.  crisp US dollars- both small and large denominations..wrinkled or torn bills may not be accepted
  4.  Good idea to read up on local news of the country you will be visiting
  5. Pack some snacks- I prefer “Cliff Bars” or energy type bars, packaged trail mix to keep away from chocolate if your going to warm climate to avoid melting..there may be times your stomach just wants something bland ….also the first couple of days in Asia or Africa you may wake up in the middle of the night hungry, since your body has not adjusted to your new time zone….
  6. Electrical adapters and back up phone travel power charger
  7. Colored pencils, crayons or candy to give out to the local children if visiting a school, orphanage, family etc ….you do not want to do this in crowded neighborhoods, as it can cause some problems with an avalanche of people surrounding you… to keep it in an organized environment
  8. Small packets of powdered Gatorade, in case of dehydration
  9. Small packet of laundry detergent or Woolite to wash clothes if hotel laundry services are not available
  10. Medical and emergency evacuation insurance coverage page and contact information in the event of an emergency
  11. Sanitary wipes and hand cleaner
  12. Practical and comfortable walking shoes
  13. Small backpack for day trips to carry water, sunblock, insect repellant , camera etc


For other helpful hints and suggestions please feel free to contact me at 781-471-2310.

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