gary-photoGary Talewsky

Gary Talewsky began his career in the travel industry as a full-time agent in 1981 and opened his own travel agency shortly after in 1984. He graduated first in his class from Salem State University and Nottingham University in England, from which he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in geography.

Through his work and own extensive travel, Gary has made excellent contacts with overseas tour operators in most parts of the world. He has visited over 100 countries, including excursions into the Amazon and Mekong Rivers, elephant riding and visiting tribal villages in Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia, and has enjoyed African safaris and trips to the Galapagos Islands. Gary has also cruised aboard more than 80 ships, and has travelled extensively throughout Europe, South America and North America.

As a Colpitts consultant, Gary specializes in luxury travel, particularly to Southeast Asia and Europe, which he has visited more than 20 times each. His private, customized tours to Asia, Europe, South America and Costa Rica, as well as his 30 years of experience with international corporate travel, have earned him a fan following. He has served as a travel arranger to the stars, helping many celebrities and company officers plan seamless trips abroad. Gary’s clients appreciate his commitment to confidentiality and his ability to tailor travel plans to fit all their needs.